Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sorry I am Not here Often....

As you can tell I am here to write this blog very little. I am sorry. But I have advanced in my couponing to the point that I only coupon in "couponing season". For me that is Jan. to May. I try to stockpile enough in this time to only do very little from June till the next Jan. WHY? Because it is only my hubby and me at home now and I have limited space, yet I want enough stockpiled so that I am free to spend money on other things. In the summer I spend money on gardening and outdoor things. Then I go into the fall when I may top off my stockpile a little. And alas it's time to Christmas shop. I may not do it like everybody else but this is my way and it works for me. Yes I still hunt for the top bargains. If I see something dirt cheap on clearance I buy it. Yes, I buy even without coupons if I find a great deal. And Yes I look for these deals at all times. But for the most part I have my very own.....COUPONING SEASON....and it's NOW....
Happy Bargain Hunting
till we meet again

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Xtra Sale

Just a little note to who needs it. Xtra 2X detergent and Nice 'N Fluffy fabric softner is on sale this next week at Floyds supermarket in Uniontown for $1.99 each for the 35 to 68 use size. This is not the little tiny jug. This is a great deal even with no coupon. Stock up. And remember you can use your ad to comp at Wal-Mart but they don't carry this fabric softner so you might need to hit Floyds. I am. Their ad has plenty more to go for too. Buy your local Advocate weekly newspaper for all our local Morganfield sales.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family Dollar Sales

Just got an email that Family Dollar has Fragrance and Gift sets 40 % off, toys 50% off, and their Christmas is now 75% off. This is when we buy. Check your local Family Dollar (see their online ads here) out and they also have Dawn for 90 cents.

Until next time


Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 New Year

And so a new year begins. Get ready to save some money and get some great deals. This is always a good month to start your stockpile or to add to it. Christmas is over and the stores still need to make money (lol) so there will be new promotions. They will need to get all the Christmas merchandise moved out so there will be big clearance sales on all Christmas items. TIP: buy solid color Christmas wrapping paper on clearance for all your other needs. Red for Valentines, etc.
What else to expect this month? Here are some things you will see in January.

January is the national lose weight month so expect to see anything that has anything to do with weight loss and dieting on sale. This includes food so look for coupons. Look for healthy food promotions from all the leading companies like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice.

People tend to try to get organized in January so all these items will be on sale too.

January is also bread machine month, candy month, egg month, hot tea month, meat month, oatmeal month, slow cooker month, soup month, wheat bread month, and prune breakfast month. WOW. That means the coupons for these things will be plentiful.

January has Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and sales will start for Super Bowl Sunday. These will include party and snack foods and soft drinks.

And January typically has loads of cleaning coupons and promotions and winter health care items such as medicines. Furniture is on sale, white sales are running, and alot of new product lines are launched this month. When new products are launched is the best time to find high dollar coupons for these things. (I bought lots of Tide Stain Release last year when it first came out and had $3 off 1 coupons. I still have plenty to last for this year.) Stock up now.

This week there are new coupons galore so be sure and get some. Some will get better as the month progresses. Check your newspapers and if you need more check out some of my links here on my blog. These are the ones I use.

So till next time remember NEVER PAY FULL PRICE.


Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm back ...kinda

I've been so busy I have not been posting lately. Why? We recently lost a family member and then we moved and then my daughter moved too. So here I am. It is only my hubby and me at home anymore so I don't coupon the same as those of you who have a whole bunch of little people still at home. Things will last me alot longer. Things have changed in my couponing. I still buy a paper every week but now I buy more coupons from a clipping service. That way I get more of what I really need to stockpile. I will admit I am still learning. I think the coupons are much better at the beginning of the year. So I am even now planning big hauls starting in January 2012. I hope to top my stockpile off thru spring to the point of needing very little. We'll see, won't we. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week of July 17 to July 23

Here are the biggest deals this week:

If you want to look more this was taken from http://www.couponmom.com/

or  I love to use http://www.weusecoupons.com/

I ordered coupons from a clipping service this week also because the coupons in the Sunday paper were not much this time and a lot of times when this happens I just order coupons instead of buying a Sunday newspaper. I spend about the same and I get more of what I want.

I also think it is about time to go back and visit the Amish grocery store. Even if I don't get much it is a nice day trip. Happy Couponing everybody.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry For Being Absent

Been SO busy and it is summer so I am always in the pool or visiting family on the patio under the shade tree so forgive me. I will try to do better. lol
My stockpile is large enough now that I can be REALLY picky on what I buy and when, so sometimes I skip alot of things on sale unless close to free.
Look out for next week.
I do know that Dollar General has alot on clearance right now, so check them out.
Until next Monday, take care.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week of June 19 to June 25

Big deals this week are here.

I'm not even putting Kroger on here this week because I FOUND NOTHING. The sales there just have not been worth going there recently.

My stockpile has continued to grow but I have slowed down except for free or almost free items. It's just me and Hubby here now, all the kids are grown so I get by on fewer groceries. I do give to the kids and their families but I still buy less. For a family with kids at home the stockpile will be much larger. Plus I live in a small house so I have less room.

If you have any Surf detergent coupons I found some on clearance at Family Dollar and got it really cheap. $3 on sale less a $1 coupon so only $2 for a box of powder.

Have a great week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week of June 12 to June 18 & Buying Coupons

This week Big deals list are here on coupon mom.

Kroger deals for the week are here.

I am going for free or almost free anymore. I ordered some coupons from a clipping service (I use coupons by Dede), this past week for suave deodorant. The coupons were for 75 cents off 1. I got the 97 cents Suave deodorant from Wal-Mart so I only paid 22 cents a piece for them. I bought 6. Yes I paid for the coupons. But only a few pennies. I feel like its a good deal. I like to get the coupons I really want. If I order on Sunday evening I usually get them on Thursday. Then I shop on Friday. YIPPEE

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At the Amish Hillside Discount Grocery

We went to the Amish community near Marion, KY yesterday and went to the Hillside Discount Grocery there. We got some really great deals. It is an Amish run grocery where they have dented, out of date, and close out grocery and drugstore items. It is small but they have alot. I bought spray sunscreen for 99 cents, bottled olive oil for $1 and lots more. They do not take food stamps, or debit cards but they will take checks with an ID or cash. I ended up with a big box of things for only $23. If you go to Marion (from Morganfield) you turn right at the 1st stop light past the McDonalds right before you get to the courthouse. It is a good ways out on the left. Just on down the road from Hillside is the Yoder Variety Store and that's a great place to stop too. And if you go on down this highway you can ride the ferry across the Ohio River to Cave In Rock IL. (Make sure and eat lunch at Gee Jays) Make a day of it.